Spreekuur - Roland Berger

Spreekuur - Roland Berger


Welcome to the page website of business hours with Roland Berger.

With nearly 50 years of continuous growth behind us and 2,400 employees working in 34 countries in all major international markets, we are one of the world's leading players in top-management consulting. Through mutual trust and sustainable value added, we have become a longstanding advisor of major international industry and service companies as well as public institutions worldwide.

During the corporate hour you are able to discuss issues and ask questions. You will have 45 minutes with one of our Roland Berger representatives. 

How we help entrepreneurs
There are thousands of active start-ups and tech companies in the Netherlands today, and hundreds more are launched each year. And yet fund managers struggle to invest, and only a few start-ups make it big. The reality is that there are just too few high-quality business propositions that can attract the right investment at the right conditions. That is where we come in. We help entrepreneurs think through the big questions that face every venture, help them shape successful and investable business propositions, and use our network to support them in bringing their ideas to the market.

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With kind regards,

Roland Berger & YES!Delft team