CONFERENCE “Innovation in care: better chances and opportunities for all citizens”


Rotterdam, 27 - 29 June 2016


The City of Rotterdam and three leading networks of European authorities working in social care, ENSA European Network for Social Authorities, ELISAN European Local Inclusion and Social Action Network, the Youth Care Platform have the pleasure to invite you to a two day event entitled “Innovation in care: better chances and opportunities for all citizens” that will take place in Rotterdam under the Dutch presidency of the European Union on the 27th and 28th of June 2016.

Health and care services in Europe and internationally are undergoing pressure and changes due to the growing demand caused by the social situation: demographic change, unemployment, poverty, social exclusion and integration. To tackle these challenges, policy makers, regional and local authorities, public and private sectors have to develop appropriate innovative responses.

A multitude of good examples are being developed for instance in coordinated approaches and in integrating social and health care to combine resources. This event has the purpose to escalate innovation and practices promoting people oriented approaches bringing tangible benefits for end users. The experiences to exchange aim to help health and care systems to contain costs unlocking business opportunities. The work will be oriented on the efficiency of social protection systems over the life course. Successful experiences will be exchanged in the following strands child care, family policies, violence prevention, developing youth inclusion and skills, disability, active and healthy ageing.

In connection with programming opportunities of the EU inclusive growth strategy, the EIP and the sustainable development goals, Leading international experts and decision makers will be invited presenting and discussing Innovative Practices and Policies.

The program will include a high level conference followed by study visits in the field of inclusive and integrated care targeting the elderly, the disabled, youth and child platforms centres.

Looking forward to the opportunity to develop common projects.

With very best regards,


Mrs. Manuela Lanzarin
Chair ENSA network

Mrs. Sylvie Carrega
President ELISAN Network

Mr. Stefaan Van Mulders
Chair of the Youth Care Platform

Mr. Ahmed Aboutaleb
Mayor of the City of Rotterdam

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