Costs, Travel Details, and Terms


As a co-exhibitor, participation costs will be €10.000,- ex.VAT per company*.

Rates for partners (Friends) are available on request. We aim towards 3-5 endorsement partners to be included into the Pavilion. These are organisations that support the pavilion but do not need their own booth within the pavilion. 


Participation fees will be charged in two terms by InnovationQuarter:

1. A commitment fee of €5.000,- ex. VAT, to be paid after registration. 

2. The remainder of the fee, another €5.000 ex. VAT to be paid in December 2019.

What do you get for this in return?

- Your own booth on the Holland Pavilion for you and a maximum of three of your colleagues;

- 3 exhibitor passes for the RSA;

- We take care of all organisational aspects of the pavilion, so you can put all your time and energy into preparing for the fair, individual marketing and lead generation;

- you can take advantage of the impact that the pavilion provides in collectivity with its exhibitors; 

- side programming in the shape of a networking- and partnering event, match-making, and more.


  Travel Details

Dates (including travel days)

Sunday February 23rd - Saturday February 29th.


Travel and Stay 

Travel costs will approximate to €700-800,- in case of a direct return flight -- an indirect return flight can reduce this number to about €550-600,-. 

Hotel prices are very high in the US. To keep this price to a minimum, we have made a group-booking in a hotel that you are welcome to make use of. The Kensington Park Hotel is a 10-minute walk from the Moscone Centre where the RSA takes place. Rates are €477,- per night per room, including breakfast and including all taxes. 

In case you would like to make use of our travel- and hotel package, our trusted travel agency MTS Travel can book your travels for you. There are no additional costs involved in case you decide to make use of this service! 

Out-of-pocket and other costs are at your own expense.



For now, this hotel and travel package will only be offered to participants and partners of the collective Holland Stand at RSA 2020.


Our goal is to unite as many of the participants in one hotel. Therefore, we have booked a fixed amount of rooms in the Kensington Park Hotel. If at some point there are not enough rooms in this hotel are available anymore, we will consult you for an alternative that will be in close proximity to the Kensington Park Hotel. 

Of course, you are more than welcome to choose your own hotel.

We also recommend checking-out AirBnB to save some costs. 


There is one direct flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco per day. 

We understand that everyone's travel schedule is different, and you are able to voice your wishes to MTS Travel once they get in touch with you. Booking your trip through MTS Travel will not result in extra costs for you.

*This rate is based on the expectation that the government will co-finance 50% of the pavilion. Does this turn out to be lower? Than this rate might be increased to €12.000,- ex.VAT.  We consult you and communicate price-changes at all times.

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy