Each fourth Wednesday of the month Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO

Subjects: Startup VISA, Innovation Credit, Proof-of-Concept financing

Innovation Credit (Innovatiekrediet)

  • Risk sharing and interest bearing loan for 25-50% of costs of development project; loan max € 10 million
  • Open all year to all companies
  • Budget 2016: € 70 million
  • Minimal project size: € 150,000
  • For technical or clinical challenging topics with unique results and excellent commercial perspective
  • Main demands: quantitative customer value, systematic development to prototype, co-financing secured

Proof-of-Concept financing (VFF)

  • Interest bearing loan: for 100% of costs of feasibility project; loan max € 350.000
  • Open all year to innovative starters
  • Budget 2016: € 9,5 million
  • Minimal project size: € 50,000
  • For technical or commercial challenging topics with innovative results and excellent growth perspective
  • Main demands: sound business case, independent and professional investor for follow-up course to PoC





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 event registration made easy