Making a number cake topper yourself

A number cake topper is just one of the major creative things you can make out of your cake topper. It is a creative and unique design that does stands out when done properly. It can be beautiful, and it holds significant value to the celebrant. It is wrong notion that a number cake topper is befitting for children and teenagers only.

A number cake topper can be relevant in different types of occasions people celebrate. It can fit in perfectly for a birthday celebration to tell how old the celebrant is. Couples celebrating their wedding anniversary can also use a number cake topper to tell the world how long they have been happily married. When your daughter is graduating from the university, it can also be used to illustrate the cumulative number of years it took her to get to that level of her career, especially if it took her lesser years. A number cake topper would fit in well to a retirement party as well, to summarize the story of an illustrious number of years of service.

A number cake topper can be done by a professional, but in the absence of one, it is something you can give a try, you just have to make do with what is available to you. Making a number cake topper can be quite easy. These are a few basic tips from Sunrise News on how to go about it on your own:


  • Try using candy melts or almond bark to avoid your decoration being too fragile and breaking off eventually. Just choose any of the two that you might be comfortable with or try them out separately and decide on the best fit for you.
  • Sprinkling disco dust on your number can give it a sparkly look. You like it sparkling, don’t you? Colored candy melts too can give a very good result.
  • In addition to the materials mentioned already, other tools you might require are lollipop sticks for straight numbers or floral wire to make curvy designs, straight blade, some disposable icing bags, a paint brush and corn syrup for your sparkle touch.
  • You need to get the template for your intended number to guide you in getting the right shape and size. You could sketch your intended number on a paper.
  • Cut out a block of your almond bark and put at the bottom part of the disposable bag. Let the tip be intact.
  • Leave your bag in a microwave to heat up for 30 seconds. The almond bark melts completely.
  • Slice off a tiny bit from the end of the bag.
  • Lay a reverse image of your sketch on a flat tray preferably and put tiny piece of wax paper over it. Then use your almond bark to fill all spaces in a trace outline of your number. The likely rough edges can be cleaned up later.
  • Put your lollipop stick through the middle of your number and ensured it is tightly in place.
  • Allow your number solidify in the refrigerator for about ten minutes; lift off from the wax paper.
  • Trim the edges with your blade to clean up.
  • Sprinkle the disco dust on it, after coating the surface with corn syrup, using your brush

A cake topper makes a cake more attractive, it makes the event much more colorful because it draws the attention of the attendees to the occasion being celebrated as they paint a vivid illustration about the occasion being celebrated, want to organize an event, make sure to add a number cake topper to your cake. Good luck!

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