The start of Scale-Up; Growing cleantech start-ups.

You are invited for the start of Scale-Up! Want to find out how cleantech starts-ups can support large corporates with their innovation needs? And how large corporates can support cleantech start-ups to scale there business? Come and find out about Scale-Up!

Come and find out about Scale-Up during the Weekly Meetup @ Venture Café on July 7.

  • How a local cleantech starts-up is helping HEINEKEN.
  • Sustainable solutions procured by Sweco from a local start-up.
  • Support by the City of Rotterdam and Clean Tech Delta in matching scale-ups.
  • Find out how you can join as well.

The City of Rotterdam and Clean Tech Delta are working together in Scale-Up: an international project which helps innovative, cleantech  start-ups to grow. And at the same time we are helping corporations to become greener and more sustainable.

How we do it? By tailor-made match making! In so called Meet the Buyer events we make sure that innovation hungry corporates are meeting the right start-ups. And the other way around.

Come and learn about the project Scale-Up, about the practice and get inspired by our speakers.

Kinds regards,

Team Scale-Up

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 participant registration