You are going to use our tablets and badge printers for your event.
We would like to ask you to fill in this form, so we can provide the best possible service for your event!

Who will be our contact during the event for

Please contact support: they can give you more information about participants whose payment is still pending. These participants are not registered yet for your event!

Give us a call on 015 2400119 or send us an email:

What are the details of the event?

We will arrive 1 hour before the start of the check-in, our engineer has enough time to do the set up, brief the hosts and answer your questions. 

After the briefing the engineer will be available for support for 3 hours, so he of she will be present at your event for 4 hours in total.
It is possible to request extra hours (€ 50 per hour).

What is the location of the event?

How many participants are you expecting?

We can check-in about 100 participants in 30 minutes per tablet/printer. Please note: this number only applies to a check-in with a QR code and a small or large paper badge with a print on the front.
We recommend using 1 extra tablet for participants who require extra time.

We offer 3 types of badges:

small paper badge, large paper badge, butterfly badge.


Please describe your wishes for the design of the badge: the use of different colors, logos and placement of the logos etc.
If you want to use a specific font, upload this font into this form below. If you have made an own design, please share this with us so we can use this as an example.

The badge will have 2 fields as default on the badge:
First name, Last name and affiliation. 

You will receive a digital example of the badge by email for approval 3 working days before the event.
Please note that we edit the badge design for a maximum of 3 times. Additional editing the design after the 3 example badges will be charged.

You can download the design specifications for the badge here.

Do you have subsessions on your event (such as workshops, locations, ...) and do you want to know who attended those sessions?
We can print the personal QR code of the parcipant on the badge so the participants can be scanned at the session.

We can import extra data in our system. For example extra registrations, additional information on participants, table settings.

We will contact you to discuss the details of the import. What we need for the import is an Excel file containing the following details:

- first name
- last name
- email address
(- and all the extra data)

If you wish to use salutation in your email (Mr./Mrs./ Ms.) for the new registrations, make sure you add a column in this file containing this information.

Is your file complete? Use our uploadtool to share this file with us.
(You can find the uploadtool on Dashboard > Manage registrations > Registrations. We prefer not to use your email for sharing these files.)

Badge holder with clip:

The badge holder is made of plastic and is easy to attach on the clip (see picture) or to a lanyard/keycord.

Prospector app

With the prospector app exhibitors can scan the badge of participants for their contact details. Exhibitors can easily do the follow up the leads after the event by prospector. From prospects to customers!

Details of the check-in does not deliver hosts for your event.

Terms and Conditions

From the moment that the our rented equipment arrives at your event until the moment that the equipment is returned at, you will be responsible for the equipment, except when our engineer is present at the equipment. This means that you are also responsible for theft or damage to the equipment. So please make sure to take adequate security measures and proper and careful use of our equipment.

If needed, we can provide a report at the time of transfer of the equipment between you and our engineer.

More information about the rental conditions can be found in our terms and conditions.