Matchmaking Smart Industry

Matchmaking Smart Industry

Matchmaking NWO Call Smart Industry

The Dutch Smart Industry initiative aims to accelerate the use of existing and the development of new ICT and other key technologies in all aspects of industrial value chains in order to enable the development of smart products, processes and services. ICT is a key driver for Smart Industry by the fact that ordering, design, production, supply and delivery processes will be interconnected via the Internet and operated in an intelligent way. 

In order to enable the execution of the required research and developments by interested public-private partnerships, NWO has programmed a “Call for Proposals” in May 2016 with a budget of 3.4 M€. In view of the NWO-mission, this budget is only available for academic research partners.  However in order to ensure that R&D proposals will address issues with applied relevance, cofunding with a minimum of 15% cash and 15% in kind by private partners is required. In view of the funding sources, the scope of this first Smart Industry call is centered around “Reliable and safe data usage for smart customized industrial processes”, which includes ICT, big data and security issues of smart industry challenges. 

To encourage the submission of proposals and formation of required partnerships, a matchmaking event is scheduled on April 7th at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven (Conference Center High Tech Campus, conference room Planck). In a series of preceding workshops around various Smart Industry themes with representatives from academia, knowledge institutions and industry exemplary research challenges and interests have emerged, which are specified at the registration page. 

Depending on the background and role of your organization, we ask you to consider for which of these challenges your organization might be a suitable partner to execute and/or support the execution of R&D to provide the required answers and solutions. Based on your interest matches will be made and speed dates will be planned around various Smart Industry themes during the matchmaking event. In addition you are invited to put forward  your own Smart Industry challenges for which you may provide or are interested to get answers.

We hope that existing collaborations will be confirmed and new ones are established leading to submission of competitive proposals in the NWO Smart Industry call. Have a look at the questions below and let us know if you think you may be able to provide or are interested to support to get answers for this. Feel free to provide this information to every other possible interested party you know!

Main theme: Reliable and safe data usage for smart customized industrial processes
In this call we focus this on smart use of huge amounts of (heterogeneous) data (from sensors, wireless connections to outside world, databases, other fabs, models, and so on) enabling:

•    Customer participation in the design process, product personalisation, flexibility in low and high volume series
•    Decision support (data mining & visualisation for operators)
•    Context aware and adaptive entities in manufacturing line; self-configurable, easy programmable, degree of autonomics, secure operating
•    First time right product and process engineering, zero defect
•    Condition based and predictive maintenance
•    Integrated life cycle management

symposium registration
 symposium registration