Whats your idea for mobility?

Pitch your smart mobility idea for the CEO’s of NS and ANWB

Complaints about traffic jams and delayed trains, that’s not your style. You live and breathe solutions. Your head is full of ideas to improve the daily commute, more efficient and more fun; cars that drive on the rail track, a drone that returns lost goods or locating your bike via an app on that packed train station. NS and ANWB are looking for entrepreneurs with smart solutions for mobility in the Netherlands.

The mobility sector is rapidly changing. Cars are being shared, travel information becomes more personal. What role will the bicycle have in the future? From self driving vehicles to payment- and information solutions that make travelling more efficient and fun, the usage of enormous amounts of data for more efficient logistics - the challenges are plenty, the solutions often technology based.


Pitch for the CEOs of NS en ANWB
Do you have a concrete business idea or startup with massive impact on mobility in the Netherlands? NS and ANWB would like to hear your idea en support your entrepreneurial efforts by exploring a possible partnership. Together with incubators YES!Delft and UtrechtInc we’re looking for the best smart mobility solutions in the Netherlands. Submit your idea and you could have the chance to pitch your idea during the Smart Mobility Pitch Event on 18 February, 2016, in front of the CEOs of NS (Roger van Boxtel), ANWB (Frits van Bruggen) and directors of both organisations. Does your pitch leave a lasting impression, the winner will be awarded with a networking lunch with Roger van Boxtel or Frits van Bruggen! When there's a proven connection, startups will have a chance to explore financing, launching customers and be part of the powerful networks of these Dutch mobility organisations.


Impact on thousands of travellers
Who are we looking for? Startups with brilliant ideas, products or service, those who dare to dream big and set out realistic plans. You have the new technological solutions for the challenges on-the-go. Your ideas evolve around daily commuting, leisure travel and solutions around train stations and network developments. Think about the possibilities with big data, internet of things, beacons, sensoring and virtual reality, to improve the travel experience for thousands of travellers, every day. NS and ANWB offer you the unique opportunity to determine the future of the Netherlands on-the-go. 


Why and where do I sign up?
Participating is easy. Submit your idea. The top 20 ideas will be invited to Selection Day held at UtrechtInc on 9 February, 2016. During this afternoon you’ll receive counsel and guidance from startup experts in the areas of team, product and market. You’ll have direct access to relevant people, and we can make an evidence-based decision. The top 10 selected ideas will present their ideas during the Smart Mobility Pitch Event. You will pitch in front of the CEOs and directors. Didn’t make it to the selection? NS, ANWB, UtrechtInc and YES!Delft will support you with possible next steps in the right areas, networks and community.


What ideas are we looking for?

  • Early stage startups with (solely) a good idea that requires validation and needs to be developed into a operating and scaleable business model;
  • Market-ready startups with a clear proposition and business model, that (with small tweaks) are already operating and scaleable, and ready for a (commercial) pilot, launching customer or investor.

Apply now before January 28, 11.59 PM! Questions? Feel free to contact us. 



event registration made easy
 event registration made easy