Great that you want to pitch in front of the CEO's and directors of NS and ANWB. As we might get a lot of application we have the following procedure: 

  1. Fill out the registration form. Closing appliction thursday January 28, 11.59 PM. 
  2. On January 29 and February 1 we’ll evaluate all the applications and we’ll be selecting the top 20 ideas.
  3. On February 2, 12.00 PM latest, the selected participants will receive an email in which more will be revealed about the next steps. If you're not selected we let you know by email too. 
  4. On February 9 the top 20 ideas will pitch and get personal feedback from 20 experts on SelectionDay at UtrechtInc. After this day we'll be selecting the top 10 ideas who can pitch straight to the CEO's of NS and ANWB. 
  5. On February 10 contact the 10 selected participants with more information with more information about pitching in front of the CEO of NS and ANWB on February 18. If you're not selected we will send you an email. 


Your idea
Your (technological) idea offers a solution for mobility. From commuting, leisure, stations and network /hub development. It doesn’t matter how far your idea is or how extensive it has been tested. Everyone has stands a chance to do a pitch. We are looking for:

- Early stage startups with a good idea that has yet to be validated and developed into a vialble and scalable businessmodel. 

- Market ready startups with a proposition and business model wich (with minor modifications) are already workable and scalable and almost ready for a (commercial) pilot, launching customer and/or investor. 

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy