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Soft Landing Program Deep Tech companies


Startup Visa


Startup Visa  *powered by the Dutch government*

Being a startup can be challenging and we understand the hurdles you may face. To make it easier for startups from outside of Europe access to the European market, the Dutch government has created a Startup Visa program

What is the Startup Visa? It’s designed to help ambitious entrepreneurs from outside the European Union apply for a temporary residence permit for the Netherlands. This strategy allows you to live and work in the Netherlands for a maximum of one year in order to get your business up and running. And, with the possibility for your spouse and/or children to join you in the Netherlands.

To reduce your stress about filling out a government form, The Hague Tech team will support you throughout the application process. Be sure to tick the box in your application if you want to apply for the Startup Visa. Additional information about the Dutch Startum Visa Program can be found here.


Inforgraphic: New permit for start-ups