Is Soft Landing for You?


There are numerous benefits when you work with The Hague Tech. You have a dedicated team supporting you as you ramp up your startup or help fine tune your scale-up. You’ll get customized programming, free workspace, placement front and center at relevant events and b2b meetings. Additionally, you will get mentoring from World Startup Factory InnovationQuarter, and The Hague Business Agency. That’s not all, though! There are several other advantages to the Soft Landing program:


Benefits of Participating in the Program:

  • Exposure to global partners and opportunities to pursue clients
  • Support in accessing financial resources, engaging strategic partners, and refining business models for market opportunities in Europe
  • Have a taste of the collaborative community at The Hague Tech
  • Enjoy the exceptional quality of life in the Netherlands
  • Option to make use of the Dutch “Startup Visa” program


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event registration made easy
 event registration made easy