Jan Schreuder, Project Manager e-harbours
The objectives of e-harbours.
The challenge is to create a more sustainable energy model in harbour regions on the basis of innovative intelligent energy networks (smart grids). e-harbours focuses on 3 objectives:
◾Increase the production and use of renewable energy in harbour cities. Harbour cities have extensive industrial areas with a great potential for development of sustainable energies; from wind, solar PV, tide, waves and the reuse of industrial waste, heat or cooling available;
◾Increase the use of energy smart grids. Attuning demand and supply of energy by flexible demand management, instantaneous load shedding (both directions), energy labelling, intelligent storage;
◾Increase the use of electric transport, a perfect partner to connect to large scale renewable energies ánd leading the a more healthy environment in the harbour regions

Robin Hagemans, Manager Control & Information Systems
i-Net – New Control Concepts for Medium Voltage in the Netherlands.

Erwin Kooi, Manager Information & Security
OT Security - From vision on to implementation.

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