Sanquin Spring Seminar

Sanquin Spring Seminar

Speakers Thursday, April 20th 2017 (in order of occurrence)

René van Lier

Director Sanquin Research

Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Marian van Kraaij

Conference Chair

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Tomas Ganz

David Geffen School of Medicine

Los Angeles, USA

Iron homeostasis and its relationship to
erythropoiesis and innate immunity

Filip Swirski

Massachusetts General Hospital

Boston, USA

Pumping iron: When monocytes come
to the rescue

Sacha Zeerleder

Academic Medical Centre and Sanquin Research

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Devil's dance: heme, iron and hemopexin
in hemolysis

Robin van Bruggen

Sanquin Research

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Moderator poster pitch

Lucas van Eijk

Radboud University Medical Center

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Anemia on the ICU, how to fight an
ancient foe

Katherine MacNamara

Albany Medical Center

Albany, NY, USA

Interferon gamma and anemia
of inflammation

Sjaak Philipsen

Department of Cell Biology, Erasmus MC

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Genetic and epigenetic regulation
of hemoglobin switching

Karin Fijn van Draat

Academic Medical Center and Sanquin Blood bank & Research

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Trojan horses in sickle cell disease


Speakers Friday, April 21st 2017 (in order of occurrence)

Monika Horváthová

(Department of Biology, Faculty of Medicine

and Dentistry, Palacky University,

Olomouc, Czeck Republic)

Consequences of DMT1 deficiency on

Arjan van de Loosdrecht


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Molecular mechanisism of anemias

Clinical pathological entities and molecular
phenotypes in myelodysplastic syndromes

Alan Mast

Blood Center of Wisconsin and Medical

College of Wisconsin

Wisconsin, USA

Monitoring Iron Status of Blood Donors​

Diego Moretti

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Zurich, Switzerland

Using plasma hepcidin profiles to optimize 
iron supplemetation schedules: short and
long term studies in young women with
depleted iron stores

Dorine Swinkels

Radboud University Medical Center

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Microcytic anemias due to genetic
disorders of iron metabolism or heme

Marcin Wlodarski

Freiburg University, Department of

Pediatric hematology

Freiburg, Germany

Molecular and clinical aspects of Diamond
Blackfan Anemia, and related bone marrow
failure syndromes

Clara Camaschella

Vita Salute University and Division of Genetics

and Cell Biology, San Raffaele Scientific Institute

Milano, Italy

The mutual regulation of iron and
erythropoiesis: implications for treatment
of iron loading anemias

Emile van den Akker

Sanquin Research

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

From in vitro erythropoiesis to a red cel


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