List of posters and its presenters


1. Michael Wilson | Preoperative iron deficiency in colorectal cancer patients: prevalence and treatment

2. Marea van der Rijst | Unravelling the function of SMIM1 during erythropoiesis and in iron homeostasis

3. Eline Pronk | Identification of transcripts that are differentially translated upon phosphorylation of translation factor eIF2 in erythroblasts

4. Silvia Hoeboer | Reactivation of fetal hemoglobin expression: functional analysis of candidate modifiers

5. Margit Boshuizen | Iron metabolism in critically ill patients developing anemia of inflammation

6. Dagmar Pospíšilová | Hepcidin in newly diagnosed inflammatory bowel disease in children

7. Kristof Van Avondt | Free iron contributes to neutrophil activation in sickle cell disease

8. Sanne Meinderts | FCYR2C polymorphism associates with protection from red blood cell allo-immunization in sickle cell disease

10. Jill Dalimot | Developing red pulp macrophages in vitro

11. Eszter Varga | HUMAN Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Differentiation to red blood cells

12. Esther Heideveld | Modelling human erythroblastic islands

13. Marlijn Hoeks | Bone marrow iron overload in transfused acute myeloid leukemia patients

14. Michael Wilson | Short-term prognostic value of preoperative intravenous iron in colorectal cancer patients

15. Djuna de Back | A method for the biotinylation of red blood cells for clinical research that complies with Good Manufacturing Practice regulation

16. Jean-Yves Py | Does hemoglobin level influence donor return?

17. Tiffany Timmer | Associations between SNPs and erythrocyte traits including hemoglobin in humans: a systematic literature review and Donor InSight-III data collection

18. Femmeke Prinsze | Distribution of ferritin levels of Dutch donors are ferritin levels proportional to the number of whole blood donations?

19. Lisanne Huis in ‘t Veld | Risk dependent intervention on the prevalence of low hemoglobin deferral

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