For many years the Dutch leading publishing company Arko Sports Media has organised international studytrips for professionals in the field of sports, movement and health. These studytrips aim to provide participants with new insights and contacts with colleagues in other countries.

This time the studytrip takes you to South Africa. Against the background of the Volvo Ocean Race in Cape Town we discuss relevant topics such as innovation, team performance, high performance and talent development. We will be inspired by sportorganisations (such as Cricket and Rugby) as well as by companies. But perhaps the biggest inspiration comes from the largest sail event on this planet: the Volvo Ocean Race! 

The topics mentioned above are crucial nowadays to tackle future challenges. In sports and in business we need to find answers to fundamental changes in the world. The paradigm of growth, profit and competion, as we have faced since the industrial revolution, has shifted to sustainability, significance and cooperation. More than ever before we need new competences from our staff and coworkers and new forms of leadership. Change, development and innovation are the new constant factors we all have to deal with. And we need others to help us with information, communication and technology. We can only be successful if we act as a creative and flexible team, in which leadership is the responsibility of the whole team.

In sports tremendous achievements are required to win. Are we able to compose such optimal performing teams, either in footbal, cricket, Formula 1 or in the Volvo Ocean Race? The same holds up in the business environment, where there is focus on leadership, team performance and innovation. Only by having this focus companies are able to replace old structures and certainties and compete successfully with new players.

During the studytrip to South Africa both worlds join together. Wat can we learn from one other when it comes to leadership, team performance and innovation? We discuss this with Dutch and South African colleagues, also during the Volvo Ocean Race. We will also offer you a unique experience with the SCORE-project in one of the townships. Participants are asked to brainstorm on new ideas for the SCORE-project and how they can be accomplished.

Summarizing, the program offers an interesting mix of:  

  • several South African cultural experiences;
  • seminar to exchange knowledge and experiences around the themes mentioned;
  • visits to (sports) organisations;
  • SCORE program;
  • conference around Volvo Ocean Race;
  • sail trip during the InPort Race of the Volvo Ocean Race.