Techilicious 2017 - Application for Startups

Techilicious 2017 - Application for Startups

Selection procedure


Our selection procedure for the opportunity to dine with Captains of Industry at Techilicious is as follows:

  1. Complete the entire application form. Deadline: April 18, 2017, 23.59 h. 
  2. We evaluate all the applicants. On April 24th, 60 selected participants receive a personal confirmation email about the next steps. If you're not selected we also confirm by email. 
  3. The 60 selected startups will be invited for a Match-Making session with Corporate Innovators. This will take place on April 26th at Venture Cafe Rotterdam. Please reserve a time slot from 15:00-18:00 h in your agenda.
  4. On May 4th, we will announce the 50 best matches. If you're not selected we will also confirm you by email. 

  5. On May 10, 2017 the 50 selected startups (2 founders of each company) will dine with Captains of industry.

What are we looking for
Startups with a technical, innovative and scalable product or process. Selection is also based on corporate/market readiness.