TenneT announces Offshore NL Milestone Event on November 24th

TenneT hereby announces the Offshore NL Milestone Event, on November 24th! On this event you can hear and share all about the outcomes of the preparation and consultation process of the offshore grid in the Netherlands. This in anticipation of the first offshore wind subsidy tender for Borssele.

Since the signing of the Energy Agreement, technical, legal and planning elements have been prepared and consulted in a dialogue between TenneT, relevant governmental authorities and several offshore windfarm developers. We've now reached  the milestone of a new design for the Dutch standard platforms, locations of those platforms, preferred routes for cables, a legal framework between TenneT and the operator, a scenario and a planning to start connecting the first wind farms in 2019. During the event, details will be provided. 

Within a few weeks you will receive an invitation by email, with the program and a link to sign up. So for now:

Please save the date, and let's meet on November 24th, from 13:00 – 17:30 hours!

workshop registration
 workshop registration