RDM Makerspace - Rotterdam


RDM Makerspace: Provides makers and developers access to machines, workspace, courses & network to turn their idea into a real prototype. We focus on digital fabrication (lasercutters, 3D printers, CNC etc)., Internet of Things, 3D printing, Robotics & Drones and collaborate with partners in those fields:

IoT Academy: Together with KPN, RDM Makerspace founded the IoT Academy to create awareness around Internet of Things. We do this by providing workshops, developer meetups and IoT challenges. We have set up a special IoT-lab with the newest technologies available in the IoT-scene.

Robotics Academy: Together with IRS Robotics, RDM Makerspace founded the Robotics Academy to create awareness around robotics. Robotics is no longer rocket science and is becoming more accessible for startups and SME's to create new applications. We provide access to 3 industrial robotic arms (1 ABB, 2 Fanucs) and give classes to operate and test new applications with these machines.

3D Printing Academy: RDM Makerspace works together with 3D Printing Academy and provides workshops related to 3D modeling and 3D printing.

ROFFAB: RDM Makerspace is co-founder of Roffab together with several organizations in Rotterdam that want to stimulate the maker movement in our city, especially for the youth. We organise events that inspire and stimulate young makers.


Watch this movie to find out what RDM Makerspace is and how it can help you with starting your own business! (Dutch)


RDM Makerspace

Scheepsbouwweg 8, K03
3089 JW Rotterdam

Website: www.rdmmakerspace.nl