Metropolitan Start-up Lab TOUR – March 18th

Get to know more on three innovation hubs in the region. On March 18th anyone with an idea or thinking of launching a start-up can get an insight in YES!Delft, RDM Makerspace (Rotterdam) and Dutch Innovation Factory (Zoetermeer) during the Metropolitan Start-up Lab TOUR.

Whether you want to know more about the innovative companies situated in the region, the available support for start-ups, or the possibilities for your developing (technical) ideas: this TOUR provides the insights and gives you the opportunity to visit and meet different places and people that can boost your idea.

Meet the world of start-ups
Meet the world of start-ups and discover the possibilities and activities for making your (future) enterprise a success. T

  • RDM Makerspace (Rotterdam) – Innovation Experience. RDM Makerspace is the place in Rotterdam where entrepreneurs are literally building new things. The machines run day and night. They work with drones, robotics, 3D printing and Internet of Things.
  • Visiting the Dutch Innovation Factory (Zoetermeer) – Co-creation and speed dating. The Dutch Innovation Factory (DIT) is the home of the ICT students of The Hague University. Also, the start-up incubator Crosspring and a growing number of ICT companies are based here. 
  • Visiting YES!Delft (Delft) – Cocktail-pitch-party. YES!Delft is one of the largest tech incubators in Europe. YES!Delft has helped entrepreneurs for over 10 years building and growing tech companies. 

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The Metropolitan Start-up Lab is looking for future entrepreneurs with (possible) ideas for their own start-up and who are interested in visiting three innovation hubs in the Metropolitan region Rotterdam – the Hague. Get inspired and develop your technical idea into a promising start-up. 

What: YES! Delft,
When: Friday March 18th 2016, 17 - 19 hr.  
Why: Get acquinted with the possibilities in this region
Language: Dutch (email us if you request English support)