Inspirational Lecture transportation

Inspirational Lecture transportation


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Are you interested in the entrepreneurial life and do you like the transportation sector? Four inspiring people will give us their honest testimonial about their failures and the lessons they learnt on their way to success. 'Broodje Leo' is facilitated by YES!Delft Students.

Robert Dingemanse, Co-Founder & CEO PAL-V
PAL-V, freedom provided by a flying car. Imagine leaving home and fly-drive to almost any destination, avoiding traffic jams, rivers and mountains. Robert Dingemanse, alumnus of the Delft University of Technology, is going to talk about his entrepreneurial experience.

Timo Klaus, Executive Vice President KumbaK
KumbaK is focused on providing specialised technical expertise to the Amusement Industry. They offer a wide range in roller-coasters, other ride systems and assistance to amusement and theme parks. How does KumbaK manage to exist in a competitive environment?

Tom Milder, Director Modifications Fokker Services B.V.
Fokker Services offers integrated services focused on increasing technical reliability and passenger comfort while reducing direct operating cost. These services consist of aircraft services, logistic and technical solutions. Therefore they develop new innovative products for the Aircraft Industry like new interiors and cargo conversions. Tom Milder gives us an insight in how an international successful company works.

Wouter Vink, Co-Founder
BodaBoda makes bicycle cushions for your bicycle rack. The cushions are handmade in Kenya, it helps local producers to sustain themselves and their families. Wouter Vink is going to talk about how they came up with this idea and the challenges they are facing to make this work.

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