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Why Go To A Castle Hill Physiotherapist?


Everybody needs physiotherapy. Whether it is for your back pain or neck or any other muscly part that gives you a hard time, physical therapy is the remedy you go for. Physiotherapy is the primary care speciality in healthcare that promotes mobility and quality of life through physical examination and further diagnosis with physical intervention. It is a section of therapy which has many subsidiaries like musculoskeletal, wound, geriatrics and orthopaedics to name a few. It is vital that you have a clinic within short radiuses so as to enable good access for all those who need it. In New South Wales, there are many centres in Castle Hill, but one of the best clinics is the Castle Hill Physiotherapy clinic. Let us take a peek into the features of this clinic and what makes it such a good choice to choose a Castle Hill Physiotherapist:

1. About Castle Hill Physiotherapy

This practice has been at the fore since 1986 and is extremely popular in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, injury rehabilitation, pain management and spinal pain treatment among other areas. The owners of the place, Kathryn Barry and Michael Dessen are also the Principal Physiotherapists having tremendous experience in the field of physical therapy. Hosting a friendly and caring environment for the patients, the owners and staff provide a very high standard of physiotherapy.

2. Why go to a Physiotherapist in Castle Hill?

The physios here take a good 40 minutes for initial analysis when you visit. They take a detailed history and perform a thorough examination. Based on the analysis of Castle Hill physiotherapist, you are advised the necessary treatment to relieve you from your pains. A number of appropriate exercises and rehab techniques are inferred for use at home. You are also guided with other options of remedial procedures, in case the steps advised are not feasible or suitable for you.The prices are reasonable and realistic and they provide you with an estimate right at the beginning to avoid and prevent hidden charges.

3. Services offered

Castle Hill Physiotherapy offers its clients an extensive set of treatments and procedures. After giving you a thorough diagnosis and immediate treatment procedures for pain, they help you with hands-on mobilisation techniques that provide rapid relief from pain. They also offer you custom programs to help prevent any future injuries. REPEX and Ultrasound machines is available at the clinic. PILATES and Fracture management programmes arevery popular among the sessions they conduct. They also offer various management procedures for women including pre-and post-natal exercises pelvic floor disorders. Respiratory Physiotherapy is also another popular mechanism that is offered here at the clinic.

Being one of the best clinics in the Castle Hill Area, this clinic has risen to fame because of the dedication of its owners and the compassion with which they server their clients. Not only the head physios, but also the other physiotherapists in Castle Hill are highly qualified and have advanced skills and superb experience in pain management and will make sure that you regain your mobility.

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