Thursday the 5th of July (13:00 – 18:00), YES! Delft will host its first UNCONFERENCE! 

A big part of your learning and progress as a founder depends on the relationships you make, the experiences, and insights that you share, and the practical projects you can pick up with relevant people, whether that's experts, or the people who are just ahead of you. 

On July 5 we'll be organising an UNCONFERENCE event, where we want to provide YES!Delft founders the opportunity to share their challenges, and successes with the wider startup community.

The UNCONFERENCE is made up of a set of short, targeted parallel running sessions, which are hosted by the participants themselves, and are scheduled together at the event. It's an opportunity select to experience a range of topics in an intimate setting, to forge new relationships, and connect with experience and expertise that you can benefit from immediately, but will also last a lifetime. 

Who will attend? 
We'll  make sure to invite a group of great participants, people who have walked the path, to the UNCONFERENCE  That will make for interesting stories, but we need your participation, and voice to start! If you'd like to find new ways to connect, and collaborate with new people, or the peers that have gone before you or are in the same group, then this is your opportunity.

Also, if you know other people who would benefit from the event, do invite them, and bring them along.

When & where is the UNCONFERENCE?
It will take place @YES!Delft on July 5th,  from 13.00 – 18.00 including drinks. Make sure you arrive on time, since the agenda making is the part where you can make it most relevant to you! 

Who will attend the UNCONFERENCE?
 YES!Delft UNCONFERENCE is a for FOUNDERS by FOUNDERS event, so please feel free to invite your founder peers to join as well.

What are the cost?
Sometimes, the best things in life are free! yes it’s free, but do register to make our lives easier!

Where can I questions?

You can contact Gerwin, our Growth Manager, in case you have any questions. 

We are looking forward to meet you at the first YES!Delft UNCONFERENCE! 

Best regards,
The YES!Delft team

congress registration
 congress registration