Tips for entering the US market

Boston-based TU-Delft alumnus Jos Scheffelaar co-founded Launch in US Alliance and EuroUS Accelerator, companies that help accelerate European early-stage technology companies entering the US market.

In this workshop, Jos shares his 20+ years experience as a Dutch businessperson and entrepreneur in the United States, and answers questions like:

• Why should you come to the US (and why not …)?
• What are the challenges facing European entrepreneurs in the US?
• What are typical mistakes European companies make?
• How do Americans look at European startups?
• How do I get my first meetings?
• What are my chances of getting funding in the US?
• Where should I locate my business in the US?

Plus any other questions you may have about expanding into the US market

Don’t forget to ask him about his involvement in the MITacceleration program for international startups that will be held in May.

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