Top researchers and leading practitioners bring you cutting-edge business knowledge with a focus on its practical application in business environments. The following speakers have been announced:


2 october – International Management

Going global in responsibility and branding

In this session 2 managers from highly successful global companies will unfold how they are building international brands and reputations. Michael Price is the European Marketing Director of Asics and will explain how Asics went global and how the marketing strategy is implemented accross Europe. Wouter van Tol is the European Sustainability director for Samsung Electronics. He will explain how the CSR strategy of Samsung is both addressing local, national and global issues.


Wouter van Tol is European Director of Sustainability and Citizenship for Samsung Electronics. As part of this he leads Samsung’s efforts on youth employment and digital skills in Europe. Between 2013 and 2019 the programme

will directly benefit more than 400,000 young people across 28 European countries.



Michael Price is marketing director EMEA at ASICS Europe B.V. He joined ASICS in 2007. The business is more than doubled in size and ASICS has gone from the no. 6 brand to no. 3. Prior to ASICS he was marketing director for Reebok, a business unit manager for Adidas and head of product development & marketing for Dunlop. He has over 25 years of product and marketing experience in the sports and lifestyle industry.


9 october – Entrepreneurship & Management in the Creative industries

The Business of Arts

The creative industry is one of the most competitive markets. Some are highly successful but most of the artists and creative enterprises find it very difficult to survive in a market where many talented people are prepared to produce without much certainty and accepting a low income.

Because it is the Year of Van Gogh we have invited 2 speakers who will provide a business perspective on this famous Dutch painter. Wouter van der Veen is the academic director of Institut Van Gogh (France) and will provide a historic perspective on the economics of Vincent van Gogh in his own time. Adriaan Donszelmann is the commercial director of the Van Gogh Museum and will introduce us to the current competitive environment and the strategy of the Van Gogh Museum.

The third presentation will address the journey of an international cultural entrepreneur in Amsterdam. Pep Rosenfeld is one of the founders of Boom Chicago, a creative group that writes and performs improvisational comedy. Without any subsidies Boom Chicago now runs a private theater and a social club which are especially popular among expats and international visitors.


Dr. Wouter van der Veen is an internationally renowned specialist on the live and work of Van Gogh. He published both academic papers  and popular books about Van Gogh including an innovative publication that is available as an app for IPad only (www.vangoghsdream.org). Previously he worked for the Van Gogh Museum and the University of Strasbourg. He is the founder of Arthénon (publishing and communication) and the academic director of  Institut Van Gogh (France).

Adriaan Dönszelmann (1972) completed his studies in Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Amsterdam in 1997. Since graduating he has more than ten years of experience in the corporate world, including management positions at companies such as Unisys, Logica, Telfort / British Telecom en Deloitte.


Pep Rosenfeld is one of the founders and owners of Boom Chicago. Boom Chicago is a creative organization, based in Amsterdam, that makes live comedy shows and creative productions for television, social media and advertising campaigns.



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