Workshop: Valuation

Insights in valuation tactics with venture capitalists and informal investors

Who for

This class is for Founders who want to raise a Series Seed and/or Series A


Founders will get an answer to the following frequently asked questions:

  • What is my valuation? Founders will start the class by doing their own valuation with our valuation app
  • What is the difference between selling your product and raising money?
  • How many shares do I sell?
  • What is my exit value?
  • What is my money multiple?
  • What is my probability of success?
  • How does risk/return work?
  • What is my money multiple if I raise 2 rounds?
  • How many shares do I sell at Series A?
  • How does dilution work?
  • Should I raise 1 or 2 rounds?
  • Should I skip Series Seed?
  • Why should I always do my own valuation?


The workshop is taught by Joachim Blazer. He helps founders raise money.


  • Monday December 19
  • From 1030 till 1200
  • Location: YES!Delft Greenhouse 
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