Experience the future of hydraulics - the CytroBox

The future of hydraulics has started. With the CytroBox, we are revolutionizing hydraulic systems and are sustainably changing people’s perception of hydraulics.

In the free webinar on 23 October, Linus Killberg will present the CytroBox, a world first among hydraulic supply units. And all this live and in real-time operation!

Compact, energy-efficient, quiet and connected - this is the hydraulic power unit of the future called CytroBox. The USP´s of the CytroBox require 50% less space, save up to 80% of energy, reduce oil volume by 75% and noise emissions of less than 75dB(A). The digital service CytroConnect makes the CytroBox a "Connected Product". The CytroBox opens a new chapter in the history of hydraulic drive technology.

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 event registration made easy