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With a Predictive Analytics solution you can redesign your maintenance


Reduce downtimes

Machine downtimes cost money and that several times over. On the one hand through the direct loss of production, on the other hand through the effects on subsequent processes. Under certain circumstances, the entire line may come to a standstill until the cause is eliminated. Couldn't that be better?

Redesign your maintenance

With a predictive analytics solution, you can redesign your maintenance. To avert economic risks due to downtime, we have developed our predictive analytics service "ODiN - Online Diagnostic Network". However, how does this help to optimize maintenance? Read more about ODiN on our website

The collection of machine data using suitable sensor technology enables us to permanently monitor the system behavior of your application. This allows us to detect signs of wear long before the system comes to a standstill.


Benefit from innovation

This saves you a lot of time in organizing maintenance activities and the individual components can reach their maximum service life without any productivity risk. In our free webinar, Wednesday April 29th, we will show you in detail how you can benefit from this innovative technology and how the system can be used in a targeted manner depending on the industry.


Morning and afternoon session (April 29th)

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Moderator and Expert

A moderator and an expert speaker lead our webinars, and you can ask questions anonymously during training. It is free of charge.

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