The West Netherlands Basin and its role in the energy transition

Increasing geothermal activities at all depths; plans to store CO2, compressed air or other cases, you name it, the West Netherland Basin will play a key role in the energy transition

The larger the plans, the greater the need for detailed predictions and minimise economic, evironmental and safety risks.

Predicting the geomechanic and flow response to these geo-engineering activity requires a profound understanding of the sedimentology, structural geology and physical properties of the rocks in the basin. In one word, of its geology

To share knowledge and define new lines of fundamental and applied lines of research we invite you to participate to a symposium on the West Netherlands Basin.

Looking forward to seeing you in Delft!

EBN, the KNGMG and the Department of Geoscience and Engineering (TU Delft) are thanked for sponsoring


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 event registration made easy