On October 8-12, 2012, the Marie Curie ITN Harvest and the BioSolar Cells program will organize an international workshop "Photosynthesis: from Science to Industry".

The aim of this workshop is to strengthen European research and the agrofood/biotechnology sector via:
• Presentation of selected topics from state-of-the-art photosynthesis research, applied photosynthesis research and commercial applications
• Discussion on the limitations and pitfalls in applied photosynthesis research and on the efficacy of knowledge transfer between science and industry (publish and perish?)
• Identification of knowledge transfer gaps

The workshop is meant for participants from science (young and experienced researchers), industry (consultancies, research labs, product developers), governments and funding organizations (research policy makers).
The workshop will consist of the following sessions: role of photosynthesis in primary production, state-of-the-art in photosynthesis research (light and dark reactions, plants and algae), applied photosynthesis research, valorisation strategies (including theory and examples, innovation strategies, IPR and investing in innovation) and photosynthesis in industry. During the workshop there will be hands-on demonstrations from industry, poster sessions, a poster/talk prize for young participants and excursions to relevant industries in the Netherlands.

The workshop will be held in the NH conference centre The Leeuwenhorst in Noordwijkerhout Location

Invited and confirmed speakers include:
• James Barber (Imperial College London)
• Eva-Mari Aro (Turku)
• Christine Raines (Essex)
• Veronica Maurino (Düsseldorf)
• Anastasios Melis (Berkeley)
• Klaas Hellingwerf (Amsterdam)
• Marcel Janssen (Wageningen)
• Donald Ort (Illinois)
• Shizue Matsubara (Jülich)

With kind regards,
The organizing committee,

Eva-Mari Aro (Turku), Maria Barbosa (Wageningen), Jan Dekker (Amsterdam), Sandrine d'Haene (Amsterdam), Wanne Kromdijk (Wageningen), Gionata Leone (Wageningen) and Jan Snel (Wageningen).

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