WPCD Code Camp concentrating on WDEV activities and IMAS integration

The EUROfusion Project on Code Development for Integrated Modelling (WP-CD) supports the achievement of the European Fusion Roadmap at Horizon 2020 goals, via the development of existing modelling codes with a particular focus on integrated modelling.

The primary objectives of WPCD are:

1. Provide a suite of codes that can be validated on existing Tokamaks and used for JT-60SA, ITER and DEMO predictions:

  • Build on the existing modelling codes developed by the EUROfusion Consortium members including the Integrated Modelling (EU-IM) infrastructure, toolset and codes developed under the former EFDA ITM Task Force
  • Add new physics to the existing models
  • Couple codes into integrated workflow
  • Optimize codes

2. Specific ITER simulation work in support of ITER IO and F4E with specified deliverables.

The DIFFER code camp will offer a venue for WPCD members to meet in person and advance the collaborative development of  workflows / verification and validation. 

All WPCD areas will be active at the code camp contributing towards:

  • Completion of the mapping of JET/MST experimental data in IDS and their validation via workflow testing
  • Demonstration of newly developed workflows (fast ion stability/edge turbulent transport/free boundary equilibrium and controllers)
  • New releases of the Equilibrium / MHD stability workflows and ETS in IMAS


For any questions please contact the local organisers.

For questions on Code Camp content please contact the WPCD project leader



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 event registration made easy