WPCD Code Camp

From 8 to 19 June, DIFFER hosts the WPCD code camp for European fusion researchers in the EUROfusion Project on Code Development for Integrated Modelling (WPCD).

In normal circumstances the code camp would have taken place at the DIFFER institute, however, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the code camp will proceed via videoconference.

WPCD supports the achievement of the European Fusion Roadmap at Horizon 2020 goals, via the development of existing modelling codes with a particular focus on integrated modelling.

The DIFFER code camp will offer a virtual venue for WPCD members to meet, discuss and advance the collaborative development of  IMAS workflows / verification and validation.

The goals of WPCD in 2020 are the finalization of ETS-6 (IMAS version of ETS), the support to the exploitation of the released workflows in various tokamaks inside and outside EUROfusion and the development of new models/workflows. For details on the released workflows visit  https://wpcd-workflows.github.io

 During the two weeks code-camp, advancements in all the aspects of WPCD activities are expected to take place along with discussions and cross dissemination.


For questions on Code Camp content please contact the WPCD project leader

For any questions on the webpage please contact the local organisers.


event registration made easy
 event registration made easy