World Usability Day 2013: Healthcare

World Usability Day 2013: Healthcare

Workshop 1:

The Healthcare Environment and Activity Design Game

You will explore the application of a design game dedicated to supporting the challenging task of designing processes, products and environments for healthcare purposes. Through the use of a miniature role-playing game combined with task-flow analysis, the game encourages stakeholders to contribute expertise, develop requirements and explore the consequences of design proposals together. This workshop invites you to experience the game through hands-on participation and presents the benefits it brought to the MST new building project.


Workshop leader:
JULIA GARDE is Assistant Professor at the University of Twente. Julia is a practice oriented design researcher in the field of healthcare design. She has set-up and managed participatory design projects in the field of product - as well as work process design for industry and hospitals. Julia uses techniques such as scenarios, role-playing games and serious games to bring together stakeholders in healthcare design projects and enable participants to develop new concepts and evaluate the consequences of their design decisions.

Workshop 2

Big Data and Personal Healthcare

Thanks to the Internet of things, we can collect data on patients and their wellbeing 24/7, 365 days a year. What are we going to do with all this data? In this interactive workshop, participants work together on the issues arising from this deluge of Big Data.


Workshop leader:
MATHIAS FUNK is assistant professor at the department Industrial Design of Eindhoven University of Technology. March 2011 he finished his PhD at the Department of Electrical Engineering (TU/e), studied Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University and graduated as Dipl.-Inform.
Mathias was granted 225.000 Euro by STW for starting up a high-tech business 'UXsuite', a TU/e spin-off where he commercializes the software toolset/technology stack, developed during his PhD research.

Workshop 3

Design Innovation for Healthcare

"Design Innovation for Healthcare" is a research initiative that brings together the healthcare expertise of the Princes Máxima Centre for Paediatric Oncology and Delft University of Technology’s expertise in user-centred design innovations. In this interactive workshop, we present our research vision by showcasing various projects across the different research themes. We highlight our sociotechnical approach to designing and the different user testing techniques adopted. The workshop is an open invitation to industry and academic partners who are interested in participating in this initiative.

WS3-WUD-Melles- (400px).jpg

Workshop leader:
MARIJKE MELLES is Assistant Professor at the department of Applied Ergonomics and Design and coordinator of the Master specialisation Medisign. Her responsibilities include both research and teaching in the fields of design for experience and user research in healthcare. As part of the Princess Maxima Centre for Paediatric Oncology collaboration, she is project leader of the theme "Excellence in Care" which focuses on facilitating professional skills by design.

Workshop 4

Exploring futures of homecare

As part of the SIA-RAAK project 'Designing for care at home', we developed a toolkit for designers to help them deal with the specific challenges of designing for caregivers (professionals and carers) in a home situation. See As part of the toolkit, we explored future developments and expected changes and developed four future scenarios.
In this workshop we explore these future scenarios to discover which research questions might become relevant and to collectively sketch out an agenda for a follow-up project on home well-being. We invite design practitioners, companies, and researchers to set up the scaffolding for a joint research project.

Workshop leaders:
REMKO VAN DER LUGT is Professor (Lector) of Co-Design at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. His research focuses on involving users as experts of their experiences throughout the design process. Current topics are people-centred engineering, service design, contextmapping, and sustainability by design. In addition to his work at Utrecht, Remko is a researcher at Delft University of Technology and facilitator of creative processes at PinguinXL.

KARIN VAN BEURDEN is Lector Product Design at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede. Her applied research focuses on two research areas: “Materials in Design” and “Customer or target-oriented Design”. Other recent projects are ‘Design for Elderly people, Innovative Materials Platform Twente’, ‘Experiencing Recycled Materials’ and FabLab Enschede. In addition she owns Kompane, a consultancy office for product innovation.

Workshop 5

A Multilevel Design Approach for Complex Healthcare Innovation

When implementing promising new products in healthcare situations, many unexpected barriers may appear with regards to organisational protocols, infrastructure, regulations and insurance. In this workshop, we introduce a Multilevel Design Model that helps designers to deal with these challenges. We use an example which shows how introducing serious gaming technology can lead to improved independence of the elderly. It will then be applied to other areas in healthcare.


Workshop leaders:
PETER JOORE is Lector Open Innovation at NHL Hogeschool in Leeuwarden. Prior to this, he worked as industrial designer in industry and as senior business consultant at TNO. His research focuses on the relationship between short term product and service design on the one hand, and long term societal change processes on the other.

ASLI BORU is an industrial designer with Turkish-Crimean Tatar roots. She worked with Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen and cooperated in the European Universal Home project. She joined the IDEA League Doctoral School on Aging and Sustainability, and is currently working on her PhD at Delft University of Technology and NHL University of Applied Sciences.

Workshop 6

‘Innovation on the rails’, a serious game

In this workshop, you learn about open innovation by playing a serious game. As participant in a multidisciplinary team of actors and stakeholders, each with their own interests, goals and ways of working, you will experience what it takes to collaborate in a co-creation process.

WS6-TNO train-Steen-(400px).png

Workshop leaders:
Dr. MARC STEEN has a PhD degree in Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology. His expertise is in human-centred design, co-design, open innovation and innovation management in healthcare and other sectors.

The workshop will be facilitated by:
Marc Steen / Senior Scientist / TNO
Lottie Kuijt-Evers / Scientist / TNO
Margriet Formanoy / Project Manager / TNO

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