The extensive knowledge on their genetics and physiology and their unsurpassed accessibility to genetic modification make yeast cells highly attractive 'model eukaryotes' for fundamental and application-inspired research in the life sciences. The important role of yeast models has recently been further strengthened by spectacular developments in genome editing and high-throughput experimentation. 

At this symposium, renowned international researchers who use yeast as an experimental model will cover recent developments in this fast-moving field. Lecture topics will range from the development and application of novel synthetic-biology approaches to the study of cellular ageing and drug development. The programme has been designed to be interesting and stimulating for established scientists as well as for PhD students and postdocs.

We are grateful to the Fundación Ramón Areces for their generous sponsorship and hospitality, which enables us to offer participants free registration for the meeting. 

We hope to welcome you at the Symposium!

Carlos Gancedo and Jack Pronk

Symposium organizers

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 event registration