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The ideation club is a new initiative by YES!Delft Students and Rabobank Zuid-Holland Midden. Within the Ideation Club, you will get the chance to use all your brainpower and creativity to solve “challenges”. Not just any challenge, but complex and challenging issues of real companies. As you can imagine, these complex and challenging issues call for not just any student. We need students who are up for the challenge!


So what is the ideation club?

The ideation club is a concept to help companies to innovate, and to stimulate entrepreneurship among students. We try to connect companies with innovative, entrepreneurial-minded students. Companies have a hard time to innovate. Often they have trouble to generate and develop new ideas and processes in order to solve problems and to make use of opportunities. They are eager to hear your ideas. As a student, you can play a key role in helping these companies to get their innovation up to speed by starting a company to help them

We believe that some of the best and most successful start-ups are the ones that clearly identify opportunities, and work on a solutions for those particular opportunities. Identifying these opportunities however is not that easy, sometimes even harder than finding the solution. This is because often these opportunities exist in very specific branches that are hard to fully understand as an outsider. Large companies identify these opportunities within their specific branch, but often lack the capability to effectively address these opportunities. And this is where you can make the difference.


How can I join?

Did you get enthousiastic about the idea and you want to join? Go to the website and make sure you apply for the club. This way you'll stay updated on the challenges. The first challenges will be online on November 5th on the same website. You can then apply for the challenge which you would like most!



In an intensive four-week programme, you will get a challenge, form a team and work together with this team to find a solution to your challenge. The programme is as follows:

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 participant registration