Should I Color My Hair Before or After My Yuko Hair Straightening?

Maybe you have decided you are fed up with the frizz and are going for a Yuko hair straightening treatment. Apart from the straight hair, you want some highlights or color in your hair. The trouble is, you aren’t sure when you should have the color change done; before or after your hair straightening. The chemicals in Yuko thermal reconditioning will affect the makeup of your hair directly. It is important to know when to introduce color so your hair is safe and there is no over processing. 

Avoid over processing

Keep in mind that semi-permanent hair coloring is not as harsh as permanent hair coloring, highlighting and bleaching. Here are the differences:

-    Semi-permanent hair coloring: uses dyes without oxidation to fade your hair color for a short period.

-    Permanent hair coloring: has hydrogen peroxide that causes oxidation so your hair color becomes lighter for a longer time period

-    Highlighting and bleaching: the process of oxidation removes your hair color

Tips for arranging your coloring appointment

What exactly should you do to avoid a disaster after Yuko thermal reconditioning? Here are some tips for you:

-    If you can, avoid color treatment up to 6 months before your straightening treatment. This might be a long wait time for you but the effects will be well worth it. This will make sure your hair is in full strength for the Yuko hair smoothening process. All highlighted or bleached hair sections have to be treated differently or the results of the hair straightening will be below average.


-    Wait 2 weeks or more after your straightening treatment before you color your hair. You can apply color to your hair if it has just been straightened by Yuko hair rebounding but you should allow your hair some stabilizing time. Avoid any stylist that advises you to do both at the same time. 

-    Yuko curls straightening might slightly fade your color. The effect of the chemical process of Yuko hair treatment will not be so dramatic but your hair might go one or two shades lighter. Products like Yuko clock in color treatment will help stabilize the color change so your hair doesn’t keep getting lighter. 

-    Yuko curls straightening aren’t for you if you have an extensive bleaching and highlighting history. If you have heard of the great effects of the Yuko hair treatment, you are probably locked in on it but this isn’t your only option. You should try other methods like keratin treatments. These do not last as long as the Yuko treatments, but they will do a good job too. 

People who have to deal with naturally curly hair every day usually want the straight hair to get rid of their frizz problems. If you have decided to go for permanent straightening and you want hair color or highlights, you must get the timing right. 


This article discusses very helpful tips so you can have the best Yuko hair straightening results and healthy hair afterward. 

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