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21 January 2021
Different models of Eye Care - From Satellites to Community Outreach
Webinar: timing will be announced

Moderator: to be announced


18 February 2021
The Patient Voice
Webinar: timing will be announced

Including round tables – meet& greet your international colleagues!!

Moderator: to be announced

Patient Storytelling at Meetings
Renee Chmielewski, Manager Planning & Patient Experience, The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

Evaluation of the patient experience within the Glaucoma and Medical Retina Services; the challenges associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic
Sana Hamid, Moorfields Eye Hospital, UK


3 December

The Moorfields Schwartz Round team invites you and your team to attend the Online Schwartz Round Thursday 3rd December 2020 titled “Lean On Me”. Our panel members Nima Ghadiri, Consultant in Uveitis at Moorfields Eye Hospital and Great Ormond Street, UK, Shannon Joseph, Assistant Professor in Ophthalmology, Kellog Eye Center, at the University of Michigan and Mark Maynard, Quality Partner for the Moorfields South division in the UK will be sharing their experiences.

The information below gives some details about content of the Schwartz Round and how to join the Round on Thursday 3rd December 12.45pm to 2pm. (UK time)

Please review this information and ensure that you read the confidentiality statement. 

Schwartz Rounds are facilitated, confidential meetings where staff from all backgrounds and professions come together to discuss the emotional and social challenges associated with their jobs. They offer staff a regular scheduled time and place in which they can openly and honestly discuss the personal impact of working in health care.  Rounds are Trust non-problem solving, with the focus of rounds instead being on the human dimension of healthcare and personal experience.  

We have scheduled our virtual meeting on the 3rd December, titled “Lean On Me”

Read more on: www.waeh.org


14th Annual WAEH meeting - 2020

Get ready for Phase II of the 14th Annual meeting of the World Association of Eye Hospitals: 11 & 12 November. For each of the webinars and themes we have invited members to share their knowledge.

  • Singapore time 6.00pm - 7.30pm
  • UK 10.00am
  • Stockholm / Rotterdam 11.00am
  • Melbourne 9.00pm
  • Ann Arbor 5.00am
  • Baltimore 5.00am
  • Brasil: 07.00am
  • Jakarta: 05.00pm
  • Philippines: 06.00pm

Singapore time: 07.30pm - 09.00pm: round tables – meet& greet your international colleagues!! 

Dates & Themes of Phase II -  14th Annual Meeting of the WAEH
11th November
Value Based Healthcare
Improving Quality when Coping with a Growing Patient Demand

Moderator: Mr. Brendon Gardner - CEO - Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

Moderator: Mr. Igor Schillevoort - Member of the executive board - Rotterdam Eye Hospital
Improvement in Action - Specialist Clinics Recovery Approach - COVID-19
Orthoptic Cataract Post Operative Management Model 
Mrs. Tracy Siggins - Director Ambulatory Services - Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne, Australia
Utilization of COVID-19 comorbidity risk scores to aid in triage of ophthalmology patients
Mr. David Portney - Kellogg Eye Center - USA
WAEH project Medical Outcomes
Mrs. Rachel Bakker, Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute, The Netherlands
Cue cards: Optimising Learning in Clinics and Theatres
Mr. Zain Juma, Moorfields Eye Hospital, UK
Orthoptic Cataract Post Operative Management Model
Mrs. Catherine Mancuso, Manager Diagnostic Eye Services, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Australia
Value Based Care: Leading the Transformation
Mrs. Kristy Davidson, Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute
New Member presentation: New Zealand
Mrs. Deb Boyd, CEO, the Auckland Eye Ltd  - New Zealand - prerecorded

After the plenary session, round tables are taking place. Grab a coffee or a drink (depended on your timezone) and chat / discuss / brainstorm with your fellow eye-colleagues from all over the world!

12th of November
Diversity in COVID-19 Pandemic Response, Lessons Learned and The New Normal: Global Perspectives

Moderator: Charity Wai, COO, Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore
Aier Eye Hospital
Mrs. Elaine Zhang, Director of Global Strategy and Business Department and Assistant to Chairman
United Kingdom
Moorfields Eye Hospital
 Declan W. Flanagan, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Moorfields Eye Hospital, Deputy Director of Research of the Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre and Vice President of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists
Jakarta Eye Center

Prof Tjahjono D. Gondhowiardjo, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Director, Corporate Development and Education, JEC Eye Hospitals and Clinic, Chairman, Indonesian Eye Bank, Medical Expert Panel for the President of the Republic of Indonesia
Hoftalon Eye Hospital
Mr. Rodrigo Sato Hasegawa, CEO
Asian Eye Institute
Mr. Alwin Sta. Rosa, Vice-President and COO

Handover Ceremony
David Probert, CEO, Moorfields Eye Hospital, United Kingdom, Chair WAEH
Anders Boman, CEO, St Erik Eye Hospital, Sweden, Incoming Chair WAEH

After the plenary session, round tables are taking place. Grab a coffee or a drink (depended on your timezone) and chat / discuss / brainstorm with your fellow eye-colleagues from all over the world!


14th October
The Hospital of the Future
From AI to Telemedicine to Robotics – From Friction to Disruption

Moderator: Cathy Kowalewski, COO, Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Institute, Board member of the WAEH

Co-moderator: Maaike van Zuilen

With a special keynote about Robotics by Prof. Dr. med. Matthias D. Becker, Director & Head of Department of Ophthalmology from Stadtspital Waid und Triemli - from Zürich

About: cooperating with the university of engineering (ETH) in Zurich about a robot that performs intravitreal injections.

Home Monitoring of Vision to Personalise and Titrate Intravitreal Therapy for Macular Disease 
Dawn Sim, Ophthalmologist – Moorfields – UK 

The Development of Secure Video-consultation Platforms to Facilitate Emergency Ophthalmic Care during  the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond
Stafford Sansome – Ophthalmologist – Caroline Kiduff – Specialty Trainee Ophthalmology doctor – Moorfields – UK


Remote Triage in Eye Emergencies: Ensuring Patient Safety
Olivia Li – Ophthalmology Registrar – Moorfields – UK

Project Panopia: cost-effective model for glaumcoma refferal refinement from community optometrists without the need of repeat testing
Mrs. Rashmi Mathew, Consultant Ophthalmologist – Moorfields – UK

After the plenary session, round tables took place.

15th October
Happy Healthy Workplace
Hiring and Retaining People / Physician burnout

Moderator: David Probert, CEO Moorfields, Chair Executive Board WAEH
Moderator: Maaike van Zuilen

Employees Health & Happiness: how to ensure healthy working in today's 'Covid ways of working'
Loretta Sheales, Executive Director of People and Communications, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

WAEH project – Presentation: Clinician Burnout – update project

Ivonne van der Heijden, HR-Department, Rotterdam Eye Hospital, Netherlands
Marc Veldkamp, HR-Department, Rotterdam Eye Hospital, Netherlands

Exploring green spaces and mindfulness for wellbeing at work
Nima Ghadiri, Clinical Fellow, Moorfields, UK 

Creating a psychological safety forum for the health and mental wellbeing of staf
Anita Aubrey, Service Improvement Manager, Moorfields, UK
Mrs. Rashmi Mathew, Consultants Ophthalmologist – Moorfields – UK

New Member presentation: Russia

Alexander Chuprov - Professor, director 
Orenburg branch of S.Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution


After the plenary session, round tables toook place.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact Maaike van Zuilen:maaike.vanzuilen@waeh.org
Also if you would like to present!!! See you soon!!!
Warm regards,
Maaike van Zuilen


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