The quality of mindset and awareness, with which people stand behind their daily actions, jobs and companies, is crucial to the success of individuals and organizations.

Change, high workload, complexity, the need of agility, empowerment & prioritisation and developments driven by global crisis, digitalisation and different generations at the workplace are only some of our today's daily challenges.    

The TETA Seminar© supports the participants to manage these kind of challenges with more clarity and even more successfully. It offers extraordinary exercises and experiences, helping to deepen self-awareness, finding alternative ways of thinking and acting & unleashing new energy to act.

By elaborating and practicing concrete principles of action, a new mindset can be established; with focus on self-responsibility, conscious decision making, motivation and as well as effective communication and conflict resolution.  

Therefore, the TETA Seminar© is designed for all who are truly interested in their personal development & driving change (leaders, directors, managers, project & program managers, co-workers,  employees, private individuals).

  • Find your personal key to fulfilment
  • Learn how to get rid of limiting elements in life
  • Become comfortable making conscious decisions
  • Start enjoying the presence even more purposefully
  • Shape your future with your power of mind
  • Experience moments with new energy & passion
  • Enjoy being yourself & with others.

Experience your passion for leadership and change. Sign up and discover how you can 'unchain yourself' and say 'YES' to your professional and personal life. 






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