UM Strolls: Randwijck Social Sofa

UM Strolls is an initiative that aims to connect UM through movement. Through the creation
of an infrastructure of strolls that connect faculties, UM Strolls has the ability to promote
inter- and intrafaculty collaboration, vitality of the UM community and stenghten bonds with local society. 

The Randwijck Social Sofa is part of UM Strolls. By creating chaise lounges ornamented with mosaics in close cooperation with students and locals, we not only
expand to the Quadruple helix but walkers can have a rest and routes gain colour. Each stripe of the sofa, represents one of the renowned students initiatives at FHML, FPN and FSE.

During the introduction we started with mosaic the Randwijck Social Sofa and now we need your help to finish mosaicking the Randwijck Social Sofa. So please join us!

The upcoming weeks someone of the core team is present to help you, to explain how to mosaic and tell more about this project! 

Location: Universiteitssingel 50, level 1 (next to the bicyling parking)