Please fill out this form and complete the payment to contribute to the UnILiON annual event.
This year's funds are collected through a ticketing platform to facilitate the contribution of as many members as possible. Core members are strongly encouraged to purchase at least one ticket, but there is no formal obligation in this respect. The idea is that everyone can help to share the burden. As such, it is not a membership fee but a conference participation fee.
UnILiON Core members are invited to purchase one ticket, but if possible you are very welcome to contribute with more than one ticket as well!



€ 185.00
€ 185.00

Total: € 185.00


Should the event have to be canceled, the funds can be used for the 2021 event. If necessary, reimbursements would be possible (refunds would be of around 175 euros to discount for admin/bank fees).

As some participants might want to first pay directly and pass the costs onto their organisation, reimbursements would be handled on a case-by-case basis to make sure they are sent to the correct bank account (whether that is an individual or institutional account).