ELS Zoom Call - July 3, 2 PM

Please use this form to sign up for the Zoom call that will take place on July 3, 2020, at 2 PM (Amsterdam time).

You are invited to include a short description of any topic you would like to hear/talk about during the call. Please bear in mind that this call will not cover the topics of admission, housing, visas and such.

More info:
My thesis supervisor (Mark), who is also a teacher and lecturer at the Faculty of Law in several courses and I have decided to host a Zoom call for conditionally admitted ELS students.
The idea is to give you the chance to ask questions about the teaching method at UM, life at UM, how the programmes works, how my experience as a student was, … In addition, Mark will share his experience as a course coordinator / lecturer / teacher for the ELS programme as well as his opinion on the course.

We will not cover the topics of admission, housing, visas and such during this call, as 1) these have been (over) discussed in the group chat already and 2) it is not the aim of this call.
If need be, I’ll stay a little longer on the call to answer questions on these topics but the idea here is really to dive into the ELS programme itself. So this is more of an “I have been (conditionally) accepted into the programme, so what am I to expect as of September?”.

The call is planned for July 3, at 2:00 PM (14:00) Amsterdam time. An invitation link to the Zoom call will be sent to you in due time.

See you there!