The event in which students from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciencestogether with Blue City and other partners in The Circular Economy share insights acquired during the past year. 

This online event is free and open to everyone with a keen interest in the circular economy.

The programme is varied and offers workshops led by students, and Blue City on a variety of topics.

Key notes are offered by Sabine Biesheuvel (Blue City), Koen Dittrich (professor circular economy RUAS), and Jan Jonker (professor sustainable entrepreneurship and leading thinker on sustainability and the circular economy). There will be round table discussions on circular textile, circular construction and circular hubs, and an Impact Café featuring Junion Hanenberg, founder of the Intelligent Food Foundation, who will explain how to introduce circularity into the food industry.  


The Field Lab Circular Economy

In the Fieldlab Circular Economy students, lecturers, researchers and the work field collaborate to develop solutions to facilitate the transition to a circular economy. As part of an advanced course of study, students work on practical projects with the work field, while learning how to assess impacts, create multiple values, and develop sustainable business models. Research activities of the Fieldlab focus on sustainable textiles, end of life solutions, and the development of circular hubs.  


Circular Harvest is a collaboration of: