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Lipids & Membranes


Lipid:protein interactions




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Lipid metabolism




Boat Tour


Lipids & Disease
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Van Deenen







Poster Sessions

Poster sessions take place during coffee and lunch breaks. Please prepare your poster at A0 size with Portrait Orientation (A0 = Width 84,1cm & Length 118,9 cm). Poster boards and mounting material will be provided at the venue.

Participants that register after September 8th may present a poster, but they will no longer be eligible for an oral presentation. Abstracts for a poster presentation can be submitted until Thursday September 30th.


Social activity

On Thursday October 14 in the afternoon, we will organize a 4-hour boat tour through the canals of the Utrecht historic center with a hop-on / hop-off possibility. The boat tour is included in the conference fee. We will start the boat tour near the Geertekerk.



On Thursday October 14, we will have dinner together at restaurant Djakarta. Dinner will start at 18h30 and is included in the conference fee. Address of dinner location: Lucasbolwerk 19, 3512 EH Utrecht


Detailed program

12 oktober 2021

16:00 - 18:00


18:00 - 18:15

Opening Christian Wolfrum (ICBL President)

Introduction Van Deenen Lecturer

Gerrit van Meer (Utrecht, NL)

18:15 - 19:15

The Laurens Van Deenen Lecture 2021

Carsten Schultz (Portland, USA) – Chemical tools for lipid biology


Welcome reception

13 oktober 2021

08:00 - 08:30

Arrival with coffee

08:30 - 11:20

Membrane Remodeling:

8.30-9.10 Joseph Lorent (Utrecht, NL) - The molecular, structural, and functional asymmetry of the plasma membrane

9.10-9.50 Patricia Bassereau (Paris, France) - Shaping membranes with proteins and consequences on lipid sorting

9.50-10.20 Coffee break + Poster viewing (group A, even numbers) 

10.20-10.50 Short talk: Juliette Vanderroost (Brussels, Belgium) - Membrane cholesterol contributes to myoblast migration and fusion 

10.50-11.20 Short talk: Toon de Kroon (Utrecht, NL) - Shortening of average acyl chain length renders phosphatidylcholine redundant 


11:20 - 12:30

Technology I:

11.20-12.00 Claudia Steinem (Gottingen, Germany) - Pore-spanning membranes and their applications to address biological questions

12.00-12.30 Karl Hostetler (UCSD, USA) - Phospholipid Prodrugs of Remdesivir for Oral Treatment of SARS-CoV


12:30 - 14:00

LUNCH + Poster Session

(group A, even numbers; with presenters at poster)


14:00 - 16:20

Lipid metabolism II:

14.00-14.40 Mario van der Stelt (Leiden, NL) - Chemical proteomics guides the discovery of selective lipid metabolism inhibitors

14.40-15.20 Fred Vaz (Amsterdam, NL) - Lipidomics for inborn errors of metabolism

15.20-15.50 Short talk: Katrin Watschinger (Innsbruck, Austria) - Alkylglycerol monooxygenase is upregulated during adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 and impacts on molecular features of neutral lipids

15.50-16.20 Short talk: Johannes Plagge (Freising, Germany) - The gut microbiota inhibits intestinal lipid absorption


16:20 - 17:20

Coffee Break + Poster Viewing

(group A, even numbers)


17:20 - 18:30

Technology 2:

17.20-18.00 Christian Eggeling (Jena, Germany / Oxford, UK) - Novel insights into lipid plasma membrane organization with advanced (super-resolution) microscopy

18.00-18.30 Short talk: Gerhard Liebisch (Regensburg, Germany) - Update on Guidelines for Lipidomics Analysis and Reporting


18:45 - 19:45

ICBL Steering Committee Meeting  

14 oktober 2021

08:00 - 08:30

Arrival with coffee

08:30 - 11:20

Lipids & Membranes:

8.30-9.10 Christoph Thiele (Bonn, Germany) - The dynamics of lipid metabolism: Click-MS tracing in hepatocytes and adipocytes

9.10-9.50 Edward Dennis (San Diego, USA) - Allosteric Regulation and Molecular Species Specificity of Phospholipase A2’s in Metabolism

09.50-10.20 Coffee break + Poster viewing (group B, odd numbers) 

10.20-10.50 Short talk: Nicolas Vitale (Strasbourg, France) - Distinct functions of phospholipase D1-derived phosphatidic acid unsaturated species during regulated exocytosis in neuroendocrine cells

10.50-11.20 Short talk: Sarah Brunner (Freising, Germany) - The mitochondrial lipidome of adipose tissue – identification of a browning-specific lipid species signature


11:20 - 12:30

Technology 3:

11.20-12.00 Phill Stansfeld (Warwick, UK) - Molecular Simulations of Lipid interactions with Membrane Proteins

12.00-12.30 Short talk: Janathan Michael Juarez Altuzar (Heidelberg, Germany) - Traffic Jam at the lysosome: Novel organelle-targeted lipid probes reveal known cholesterol transporters as sphingosine interactors


12:30 - 14:00

LUNCH + Poster Session

(group B, odd numbers; with presenters at poster)



Social program

Hop-on/Hop-off boat tour in Utrecht Center



Conference dinner at Restaurant Djakarta

15 oktober 2021

08:00 - 08:30

Arrival with coffee

08:30 - 11:20

Lipid-protein interactions:

8.30-9.10 Tim Dafforn (Birmingham, UK) - Extraction and characterization of membrane proteins in their native lipid environment

9.10-9.50 Rachid Thiam (Paris, France) - The power of in vitro reconstitutions for lipid droplet biology

9.50-10.20 Coffee break + Poster viewing (group B, odd numbers) 

10.20-10.50 Short talk: Amaury Stommen (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) - Regulation of PIEZO1 cation channel distribution and gating at the red blood cell surface

10.50-11.20 Short talk: Mike Renne (Oxford, UK) - Seipin promotes packaging of triacylglycerol and steryl esters into Lipid Droplets


11:20 - 12:30

Technology 4:

11.20-11.50 Gabor Balogh (Szeged, Hungary) - Development of a laser dissection-coupled quantitative microlipidomic method to resolve tumor heterogeneity

11.50-12.30 Arnold Driessen (Groningen, Netherlands) - Building an in vitro phospholipid biosynthesis pathway


12:30 - 13:45

LUNCH + SCIEX seminar

13:00-13:30 Gina L. Eagle (Macclesfield, UK) Using EIEIO as a novel fragmentation technique for complete lipid characterization in a complex matrix


13:45 - 16:05

Lipids and Disease:

13.45-14.25 Patrick Rensen (Leiden, NL) - Towards non-invasive lipid-based tracing of brown fat activity 

14.25-15.05 Michael Schlame (New York, USA) - A simple mechanistic model of Barth syndrome and cardiolipin remodelling    

15.05-15.35 Maria Soledad Hidrobo Unda (München, Germany) - Membrane phospholipids as alternative source for free fatty acids fueling UCP1 activity in brown adipocytes 

15.35-16.05 Albert Maimó-Barceló (Palma, Spain) - Exploring the transcriptomic regulation of MALDI-IMS membrane lipid distribution in human colonocyte differentiation and colon cancer 


16:05 - 16:45

Coffee Break


Presentation of the 62nd ICBL conference

- Young Investigator award for best poster presentation

- Closing of the conference



29 oktober 2021

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