Dear graduate,


Last November, your graduation ceremony was postponed to May 2021. At the time, we were optimistic that by now, we would be able to host the ceremony in person at the MECC Maastricht. Unfortunately though, the Covid-19 regulations still do not allow us to invite you for a physical event.

We’re as disappointed as you are, but please rest assured, we are determined and working hard on organising a memorable and exciting online ceremony!

We would like to invite you to the 1 Year Master in Psychology Graduation Ceremony of the academic year 2019/2020 on Friday 14 May at 12:30 hours (CET). We will get together digitally with fellow students, coordinators, teachers and family & friends to celebrate your amazing achievement!

In order to make this ceremony fun and personal, we would like you to send us all the photos and short videos, poems, drawings, or other media that you have, that represents your time at FPN (if other people are on the photo or in the video, please make sure to get their approval before sending it to us). We will carefully select material to use during the ceremony.

Please note: depending on what is sent in, a choice will be made. There’s a possibility that we cannot use everything, either because of the maximum length of the ceremony, the quality of the material or other considerations.

Please register here for your ceremony and send us your memories. We can’t wait to share your memorable moments and reminisce together about the good old times at FPN in Maastricht! Please note: you can register and send in items up to and including Friday 26 March 2021. You can also email your files, after registration, to


If you have not yet received your diploma via post, please contact the Education Office via


Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to send them to us via


We look forward to digitally seeing you on Friday 14 May at 12.30 hours (CET).

Kind regards,

The FPN graduation ceremony team