19 April 2021

20:00 - 21:30


Exploring the Field of Forensic Pathology

Time and date:
Monday 19 April 2021

Prof. Bela Kubat, Professor of Forensic Pathology MUMC+

Forensic pathology is crucially important to criminal research. We immediately think of post-mortems, which establish the cause of death. But forensic pathologists do more than that. For instance, they investigate whether a bruise is caused by a fall or by violence, and how foreign substances enter the body.

Prof. Bela Kubat (MUMC+) is a leading professor of Forensic Pathology in the Netherlands. She has years of experience as a pathologist with the Netherlands Forensic Institute, in which capacity she was involved in identifying victims of the Tsunami in 2006 and the criminal investigation into the MH17 in 2014.