FHML Language Meet-ups

Welcome to the FHML Language Meet-ups!!

Have you always wanted to learn Spanish but never got around to starting? Have you done the Dutch A1 course at the language centre but forgot to practice afterwards? Or are you just interested in meeting others and learning something new?

Our FHML Language Meet-Ups will be the perfect place to start learning or getting back into languages. We shall be paring up students from all of FHML to study together and most importantly have a good time. With the wide range of students who study at UM it would be a shame to not meet one another and learn from another.

We are looking for participants as well as teachers, don’t worry as long as you are a confident speaker and want to help others you can teach. We shall be putting 1 teacher and 3-5 students together to hang-out once or twice a week for an hour.

Please fill in one of the two sign-up sheets, depending on whether or not you want to teach or learn or both. Fill in your preferred language as well as your level (beginner – intermediate) and we’ll couple you together so we can start in the beginning of May.

The first rounds of groups can start as early as 24th  May and a new round will start on the 31th of May.


Beginner: would mean totally new up to A2 level.
Intermediate: you are able to have (short)conversations or are even quite fluent but still have lots to learn.
The standard language used in the groups will be English.