Executive Presence Masterclass Series  

This three session masterclass is about learning what executive presence is, how to develop your own presence and how to communicate it in the workplace. A good understanding of how to step up and speak up for yourself in the workplace is a valuable skill to master. This series of three sessions focuses on different aspects of communication – with live group exercises and homework – that will help you improve your self-confidence and executive presence.

Week 1: Executive Presence and Visibility- How to Present Yourself Confidently

In this 2 hour virtual, interactive workshop, executive speaker coach and storytelling expert Barbara Rogoski, will share with you what executive presence is and how you can develop your own. Barbara will also share her insights into how people can unconsciously sabotage themselves through their verbal and non-verbal communication. Visibility is also a factor in career advancement and Barbara will discuss being conscious and intentional. You will have the opportunity to practice your responses to several challenges you might face in the workplace like how to receive criticism, how to receive a compliment and how to show your best self. You will leave this session with structure and tools to develop your executive presence at every milestone of your career.

Week 2: Virtually Speaking and Hybrid Speaking – How to Present Yourself with the Greatest Impact in a Changing Workplace

Many of us are still working from home – but a hybrid way of working is on the horizon for many organizations. We will all have to get used to this dual way to communicate. But we still need to present our best selves online. This applies to delivering presentations, pitches and hold group calls online. Presenting online has its own challenges as compared to speaking before a live audience. It is harder to connect with them and to keep them with you the whole time you are speaking. What about when you are live in a group and also have online participants. How do you manage that? In this two-hour virtual presentation, Barbara will share with you many practical tips to improve your virtual presentation skills, how to actively engage with your online and hybrid audience and how to get your message across with the greatest impact. Presenting from your computer is now the new normal in business Come to this webinar to improve your virtual communication skills.

Week 3: How to Introduce Yourself and the Value You Add – Tell Your Own (S)HERO Story with Confidence

Do you have trouble talking about yourself when someone asks “What do you do?”

In this lively two-hour virtual, interactive training, Barbara will teach you three unique ways to tell your own best story about yourself with the right words and with the right nuances. It is really knowing what stories to use and right “visual” words to illustrate your value by what you have done. You will learn about the business value introduction, the “Upside-Down” Personal Pitch and your own (S)HERO story – humbly presented – and how to tell it! You will have time during this workshop to practice one of these introductions with Barbara so that you can improve your story and others can learn from your experience. You will leave this training with three templates to help you put together your best introduction in an any workplace situation.


Barbara is an American executive communication coach for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Her focus is to help business professionals to tell their story with confidence, clarity and impact. She has coached more than 100 TEDx speakers at more than 20 TEDx events. Barbara is also a published author of Boring to Brilliant, A Reference Guide for Speakers, a professional speaker and mentor. She has a special focus and passion to help women in business to step up and speak up for what they want in their careers and in life.


September 16 and 30, October 14, 2021.

Time: 16.00 uur (timezone Europe/A’dam).


  • 79 for ISACA/NOREA members
  • 99 for non members


Participants earn 6 CPE. 2 CPE per attended session.

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