Free TU Delft Cycling lessons

On October the 14th the TU Delft organizes free introductory cycling lessons for all interested students or personnel.

The lessons are for the those who cannot cycle at all, but also for those who only want to get used to the Dutch traffic. There will be 3 lessons during the day, at 10:30, 12:00 and 13:30. Each lessons only has room for 10 participants, so make sure you register in time. You can register by clicking register on the top of this page.

The lessons will start in front of the Bouwcampus at TU Delft. 

You can bring your own bike if you want, but there will also be bikes supplied.

The cycling lessons will be provided by volunteers of Fietsschool010, part of the Fietsersbond. For questions regarding the cycling lessons you can reach out to