The Nature Smart Cities Capacity Building Programme


Around three quarters of Europeans live in cities. Many of these cities are dealing with the effects of climate change such as heat stress, air pollution and flooding. The high density of paved surfaces, roads and buildings further increase these effects. 

We can do something about this. Trees, rain-gardens, green roofs and walls, and other vegetation help to cool cities on hot summer days, capture heavy rainfall and improve air quality. Research shows that green infrastructure provides a range of other benefits such as increased biodiversity and improved human health. However, municipalities often find green infrastructure expensive or difficult to implement.

The Nature Smart Cities project aims to support cities to address these challenges. Staff from smaller municipalities (<550.000 inhabitants) are invited to take part in the free Nature Smart Cities Capacity Building Programme. The programme will centre around the new Nature Smart Cities Business Model, a tool that helps to weigh the benefits and costs of future green infrastructure projects against less green alternatives. 

In addition to working with the tool, the programme will build the capacity of its participants to identify opportunities for urban greening, help to formulate the evidence of its benefits and provide an environment for experience sharing and learning. 

The capacity building programme consists of two 1-day workshops, filled with interactive sessions, best practices from pilot projects and inspiring stories. The workshops are open to officers in urban planning, renovation, design and environment that are interested in green infrastructure. The workshops are free of charge and include lunch and beverages. 


How the Capacity Building Programme works

The Capacity Building Programme is organised each of the project countries – Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and the UK. The programme consists of two 1-day workshops in each country, filled with interactive sessions, best practices from pilot projects and inspiring stories. These workshops will work together in building participants capacity and participants will be required to attend both in-country workshops.

The workshops are open to officers in planning, design, environment, and any other service (housing, transport, highways, etc.) that either currently incorporate GI or are planning to incorporate GI in their work into the future. Councillors with portfolio responsibilities for environment/planning are also invited.

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 event registration made easy