Workshop - Master your worries

  • Do you sometimes lie awake for hours, thinking about the same things over and over?
  • Do you worry so much that it is hard to concentrate on your studies?
  • Does the constant stream of negative thoughts stop you from feeling happy?


We all worry sometimes – that is what makes us human. But if it is starting to take over your life, this course may be for you.

The workshop gives you insight into your worrying behaviour and your brain. Through science-based techniques, such as attention training and relaxation exercises, you learn to recognise the thought patterns that lead to worrying and to address them more quickly.


At the end of this workshop, you will be able to...

  • recognize and notice worrying behaviour and your own recurrent thought patterns.
  • understand the (neurological) process and evolutionary origin of worrying.
  • identify benefits and costs of your worrying process.
  • examine and specify different aspects of your worrying, like triggers, duration and consequences.
  • break vicious cycles of worrying by using specific techniques, based on mindfulness, visualization, problem solving and cognitive behavioural therapy.


Opinions of other students on the workshop Master your worries:

“Interactive atmosphere: answers to questions of other participants were helpful for me too”

“I really liked the breakout room discussion. I think it is easier to talk to only a few people than with the whole group.”

“ It was nice to get an insight into other people's lives and also get their input to my problems.”


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